Sections 3, 5, and 7 of the National Security Act of 1980 speak about the powers of the Government. As per the National Security Act of 1980, the Government is authorised to detain individuals to forestall their involvement in activities deemed harmful to national security, public order, or the provision of vital supplies and services to the community. Under this act, the Central or State Government has the authority to issue detention orders to prevent individuals from undertaking activities that pose a threat to India’s security. 

The maximum period of detention under this act is 12 months, and the Government has the authority to regulate the place and conditions of detention. Additionally, the act provides for the establishment of a National Security Council to advise the Prime Minister on matters related to national security, strategic policy, and defence. The Government’s powers under the National Security Act of 1980 are aimed at safeguarding national security and maintaining public order in the country.


Eshwar S, 5th year B.A, LL. B(Hons.), Veltech School of Law, Chennai.


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