A powerful brand presence is imperative for success in any industry. Understand where a brand stands in the market in terms of performance, positioning, awareness, equity and reputation among the customer and competitors overtime with BA insights. A holistic approach to track brand health parameters delivers meaningful strategic insights and adds rigour to tactical decision-making.

Market research survey is useful to determine features and benefits that differentiates one from competitors. These are then translated into emotionally compelling consumer language. Customer satisfaction is a strong indicator of customer retention and overall business performance. Knowing the customers deeply is integral to creating a strategic marketing plan.

This type of market research can help anticipate the consumer needs, spark innovation, personalise the marketing, solve business challenges and more. The more an entrepreneur understands each specific persona, the easier it is to focus on delivering personalised marketing and building loyal relations. It also helps in forecasting how new services introduced would perform in each segment.

Usability testing is helpful when it is needed to detect early problems in early prototypes or beta versions before launching them. It typically costs far less to test a service or product beforehand than to put a flawed service out there.

Done By:

Sruthi Saravanan, Law student – University of Birmingham.




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