Origin26 law labs has launched our flagship incubator, titled Law Spark Central as part of our vision towards encouraging excellence in legal entrepreneurship. 

Law Spark Central (LSC) is set up with the twin goal of promoting social justice while finding talent amongst the law student and lawyer community.  

We understand that not every Lawyer’s skill lies inside the courtroom and few are business tycoons too! 

GLAD from the house of Origin Law Labs, is created for the sole purpose of promoting lawyers’ entrepreneurial mindset.

GLAD, a dedicated programme for Lawyers, law students and the general public with a vision to become legal entrepreneurs!

We are currently processing startup idea pitches for incubation only in the field of law that creates impact and serves the public and citizens of our nation to the fullest


The Legal Pitch

2. Origin26 Law Labs in house idea workshop

Our Motto

Our main objective is to provide seed fund, mentorship and support services to entrepreneurs in the field of law whose talents and entrepreneurial skills stayed dormant without financial support and guidance. Re-imagining law and giving law another dimension of usage in this evolving technological world would help in creating alternate employment for lawyers and make law more accessible and efficient to common man.


We would like to extend an invitation for interns to assist us in developing three legal business ideas that we have in mind.

This is a paid internship programme; details of the payment will be shared upon selection to the programme. The ideas are: revolutionizing legal hiring, streamlining title opinions, and an IP incubator. We believe that these ideas have the potential to make a significant impact within our organization and beyond. We are looking for interns who are passionate about entrepreneurship, have excellent problem-solving skills, and are willing to work collaboratively towards the success of the program.

We're specifically looking for law students in their 4th or 5th year of a 5-year program or final year of a 3-year program.

If you’re interested,

We at LSC recognise the entrepreneurship capabilities of law students and also we have our own three month incubation program where students have to work with us to build the future of law.
We take the responsibility of providing seed funding to the project and guide lawpreneurs in creating ventures that make the legal system in India more simple, accessible and citizen friendly. 

How to send us your Legal Pitch?
  • Send us a video of your business plan in a way that would show your vision and mission clearly.
  • Explain your idea’s problem-solving capabilities, innovation, and impact on society.
  • The recorded video shall be for a minimum of 5 mins and maximum of 10 mins.
  • We are limited to promoting and incubating only startups in law.
  • The video shall also contain a profile introduction of potential founders.
  • Videos without any introduction shall not be considered.


Kindly fill out our online submission form and upload your video there. Our team will review your pitch and get back to you within one week. If we find your idea promising, we will invite you for a discussion. During the discussion, we will assess whether you are a good fit for our incubation program.

Our inhouse team after completing preliminary assessment may revert back to within a maximum period of 1 week for further clarifications and assessments.

If you do not hear back from us within one week, please assume that we are not pursuing your idea.


  • Uniqueness of  the business idea.
  • Effect and impact it may create among lawyers and general public
  • Future scope 
  • Market analysis of product viability
  • Ability to solve legal bottleneck that can withstand harsh market trends
  • Differentiating elements from your competitors.

Preliminary Assessment & collaborate with incubatee

  • After undergoing research and analysis of potential products and business plans, our inhouse team will revert back to you for further clarifications before proceeding with the actual process.
  • Our inhouse team will assess and clarify with you on the legal structure that the founder proposes to use, risk tolerance, market research for the product, capital amount required to start the business and potential competitors. 

Setting up a company

  • Only after completing preliminary assessments, the incubator shall proceed with startup incubation procedures to initiate and collaborate with you.
  • The incubation procedures shall include all compliance to legal requirements such as non disclosure agreement, rules, obligations and procedures to be adhered by the incubatee (founder) and the incubator company, contracts on support services,mentorship and period of holding.
  • After completing the incubation procedure the incubatee will set up a company under the mentorship and guidance of the incubator for the specified period of term and the incubator shall frequently monitor the performance and growth of the business as agreed mutually by the parties.

We look forward to uniting with great minds and showcasing great talent.

Incubate. Accelerate. Scale.